Invest. Build. Accelerate.

Dark Studio aims to design, build and launch innovative and technology-led start-ups. It uses a venture studio model, which combines venture funding and systematic company building with Dark Venture.

The Dark Studio System

Dark Studio We design, build and launch companies.
Dark Venture We invest in early-stage technology-led startups.

Our focus right now is on 3 main sectors:

Technology Data, AI, Process Mining & Automation.
Sports Unified Commerce and sports products innovators.
Consumer Packaged Goods Tech-led product development and Unified Commerce.

The founding partners at Dark Studio are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, finance experts, product creators and innovation leaders.

Our core team of company builders, strategists, technologists and creatives apply a playbook "idea-to-execution" to launch start-ups. We leverage our capital, years of experience, core resources and networks to reduce entrepreneurial risk and make ventures successful.
Dark Studio provides consulting and shared services in relation to business model, customer experience, technology, accounting / finance and product management.

We support companies to define and scale their operations. Our playbook includes processes and digital tools.

Portfolio companies
Dark Studio’s Portfolio Companies are digital native vertical brands, unified commerce companies and category creators that solve real problems using innovative technology.

Brands we support


Marketplace Automation Platform

Active Rock

Sports Socks

Maison du Vélo

Bike Stores & Ecommerce

Marpin Labs

Operational support of complex vehicle systems and fleets


Encryption at Rest

myputter by Victo

Your perfectly personalized Putter

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